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Lease Program

Crystal Image Farms is now offering the only in-house lease program in the Bay Area. We have a fine collection of show quality horses available for full or half lease within our program. Both full lease and half lease clients are welcome to take their lease horses to horse shows. If you are not interested in showing your lease horse, however, there is no pressure to do so.

This is a great program for those affected by the dragging economy. For those of you who are not quite ready to jump into the financial and time-consuming position of ownership, the lease program is a fabulous open-ended option.

There are two different ways to lease a horse at Crystal Image Farms - half and full lease. Both options allow the rider to ride one horse exclusively in all their lessons and include all lesson charges in the lease fee. What this means is you are not paying extra for your lessons in addition to the lease fee. This is different from most lease programs which charge you a lease fee on top of all other charges. All lessors can feel free to take their lease horses to competitions with Crystal Image Farms. A half lease is $800 per monh and includes three lessons per week. A full lease means the lessor is responsible for all expenses related to their horse (board, training, vet, farrier, etc.) and receives unlimited lessons per week. Please contact us for more information about all our lease horses.

We are also very committed to sales. Bring your sale horse on consignment and, when it sells, lease a horse to feed your passion.

"Sox Appeal" aka Sox
Sox AppealSox is a handsome 16.2 hand chestnut warmblood gelding with four white socks and a blaze. He is a spunky jumper with tons of jump for the 3'6" divisions, and the patience for the 2'6" learning rider. Sox carries his riders through a course from beginning to end with confidence and presence - and lots of blue ribbons! Sox may have the most championship coolers in the barn. We are very lucky to have a successful jumper like Sox in our lease program.

"Bella Luna" aka Luna
Luna is a 16 hand dark bay mare with lots of white. She is pretty to watch and incredibly comfortable to ride. Her smooth gaits and jump make her ideal for the equitation, and her lovely form when she jumps make her a great hunter. Luna has shown extensively from the short stirrup to the regular working hunters and is happy to show her riders the ropes both at home and in the show ring. With plenty of jump for the 3' divisions, Luna is a great teacher for many levels of rider.

HanabelThis selle francais mare knows her way to a jump from anywhere in the ring! Hanabel is a 16.1 hand light bay jumper with one sock and a star. She loves jumping more than life itself, and her never-say-quit attitude teaches her riders to trust their mount across the jump. Hanabel is very handy and can still do the 3'3" divisions easily. She has tons of experience in the show ring and many wins to her name.

"Bombay" aka Bert
BombayBert is one of our most experienced lease horses and has been with Denize since she bought the property in 1999. Bert has shown extensively in the jumpers and equitation and loves to jump! He is a great teacher for the lower level jumping students as they master courses and begin to show. His canter is legendary for its comfort through the Crystal Image barn aisles, and his big stride and agility make him a very competitive jumper in the show ring. Bert is ready for his next show partner...

The first thing everyone says when they meet Fiesta is "he's so cute!" This 16.3 hand hanoverian gelding is a dark bay with very little white - but something about his face captures your heart right away. Fiesta's got a very mellow attitude, attractive and comfortable movements, and his jump is textbook hunter.

With a big stride and plenty of jump, Fiesta is super popular as a lesson mount as our lesson riders learn courses and work toward shows. He is hoping to find someone to ride in the short/long stirrups and low hunters this year so he can show them how it's done...

"Emitable" aka Emmitt
Emmitt is a 16.1 hand chestnut thoroughbred with a slender stripe and lots of moxie. He is happy to teach all levels of rider something new and is ever ready to go take you down to the next jump or leisurely walk/trot on the lunge ine with a beginner. Emmitt's willing attitude under the saddle makes him a useful teacher for all levels from beginner to advanced. He has very comfortable gaits and is very responsive to rider aides.

"Savoir Faire" aka Savvy
Savoir FaireThis bay 16.2 hand thoroughbred gelding is a great teaching horse. Savvy loves to work with his riders on how to steer and find their balance as they learn to walk, trot, canter and jump their first jumps. His experience and kind attitude are invaluable as children and adults alike master riding one step at a time. Savvy has lived and shown all over California and loves it at Crystal Image Farms where there are always treats to be found when he puts on his sweetest begging face...