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Tammy Steiner, client since 2009
Katie Steiner
Although we've only been at Crystal Image a short time, we have been completely happy with our new barn. Everyone is extremely friendly, helpful, and kind. I have enjoyed watching my daughter get acquainted with her new team mates. They have all worked to include her in their friendships…I can only imagine where they will be in a year's time. Denize has been open, easy to communicate with, very organized, and obviously, knows horses. She seems to love her job—you can see it in the way she deals with both the kids (and adults) and the horses. Her training methods are firm but confidence building.

My daughter has set high goals for herself and I feel confident Denize can help her achieve those. She is able to work with many different types of horses and riders, and is able to see what each needs. Since Crystal Image has several lesson and lease horses, all riders are welcomed and treated equally. Rachel, the assistant trainer, works her butt off! She is an amazing rider and schools the horses regularly. She too works well with the kids (and adults), keeping the lessons moving and always changing to work on different skills.

The Crystal Image facility is well maintained by several long term grooms. The footing is kept up and is top quality. Horses get a lot of turn out time and having both a covered and uncovered ring allows for riding in all weather conditions. Horse care is their top priority and it shows! All horses are happy, well cared for, …spoiled…friends!

To sum it up, we are very grateful that we have been welcomed with open arms to our new barn family at Crystal Image Farms. Thank you!

Margie and Steve Ketzler, clients since 2008Courtney Ketzler
When we moved to the Bay Area from North Carolina a year ago, our daughter Courtney was very sad to leave her friends, and especially her pony, behind. We immediately felt welcome at Crystal Image Farms and Courtney began to make new friends. Denize and Rachel are very friendly and knowledgeable. Denize was quite willing and able to work with our budget and Courtney's desires, and we were able to lease a great horse, Rita, who was ideally suited to Courtney's size and skill level.

Under the superb direction of Denize and Rachel, Courtney's skills have improved dramatically. She has had many wonderful experiences at some fine A-rated shows, and proudly displays all her ribbons and prizes. She has made many good friends and so have we. It is a wonderful family atmosphere of good friends, always welcoming new ones.

We were lucky to have the opportunity to purchase Rita, and Courtney and Rita continue to work very well together to achieve Courtney's goals. We are happy to have found this wonderful barn and look forward to more years of show competition and riding fun. We would highly recommend Crystal Image Farms to someone looking for a high quality, professional, friendly, and fun place to ride.

Deanna Fey, client since 2004
Crystal Image Farms has been my daughter's home away from home for four years, and in that time she has progressed from just learning to canter to competing in the Junior Equitation. From the moment we stepped foot into the barn, we knew there was something special about it. We were greeted by Rachel, the assistant trainer, who invited us to take a lesson the very next day. My daughter was hooked... and we've never looked back.

Rachel and Denize are very talented trainers, each with their own style. As the business owner, Denize is professional and knows her business well. She is always available to answer any questions or concerns. Her reputation is impeccable and well deserved. Rachel is not only a great trainer,, but she relates with the riders as well. The environment at Crystal Image Farms is supportive, friendly and fun, but also safe and professional. There is a great camaraderie amongst the riders. It's not uncommon to hear as you pass the crossties "Wow, you did really great in your lesson today!" There is something very unique and special about Crystal Image Farms and the relationship between riders, parents, and trainers is truly like family. Most importantly, my daughter can't wait to spend time at Crystal Image Farms and is happiest when she is there.

Katie Steiner, client since 2009
Katie Steiner
In the short time I’ve been at Crystal Image Farms, I’ve been welcomed as if by family. At my previous barn, I had lost most of my barn social life, and now I rediscovered the joy of having barn friends: tack cleaning conversations, fun at horse shows, and just knowing that you have another horse-crazy friend. But besides a new family, Denize and Rachel have also helped my riding and my horses. Denize and Rachel’s firm but reassuring style of teaching have corrected my bad habits and taught me to ride and trust my horses better.

Also upon joining the CIF team, my horses too have improved. My lay-up horse, who was significantly overweight, quickly lost her extra weight and gained more muscles in the process. Also, her injury is healing faster than at first and is now quiet and easier to ride. My other horse, who had bad cross-tie manners and problems going forward, now stands quietly when I get him ready and I don’t have problems getting him going forward. Without Denize and Rachel, I don’t think the progress with me or my horses would have happened. I know that with my fabulous new trainers, my equestrian career will go far.

Lastly, the facilities at CIF are amazing! The stalls are deeply bedded and clean, the turnouts are big and safe, and both rings are large and have really nice footing. Overall, I am thrilled that I moved to Crystal Image Farms! My horses and I are happy and couldn’t be at a better place!

Sheila Kisor, client since 2008
Natalie Kisor
As parents who knew very little about the equestrian world, it was a daunting experience to find the right barn. A special place where we could entrust the care of both our child and her horse. We have found a home in Crystal Image Farms that has exceeded our expectations. During the past year our daughter’s riding skills have surpassed any goal she set for herself. She has found friendships that will last a lifetime and her horses are loved and pampered by everyone.

Denize has a depth of knowledge to apply techniques to both horse and rider to be able to drive training to new levels. Perhaps her greatest strength is her connections and ability to reach beyond just the barn into the larger equestrian world. She can help you find the perfect horse to share your journey with. She found Something Special (aka Logan) for us and the partnership with Natalie will be exciting to watch for many years to come. Rachel is an amazing trainer who encourages the girls to extend beyond their own barriers. Her style is gentle, direct and clear, while always being positive, such that one always leaves a lesson feeling good about oneself.

We recommend Crystal Image Farms without hesitation. Come join the family!!

Doris Hollander, client since 1988

"I am a long time (20 years!) client of Denize Borges and Crystal Image Farms. I have witnessed the evolution of the barn and seen many friends come and go, but one thing has always been a constant – that my riding experience at CIF has been and continues to be a major part of my life. It speaks volumes for a barn when this kind of customer loyalty and satisfaction is sustained, whether it is with a young junior just learning to trot or a seasoned competitor breaking into the Grand Prix arena.

But showing aside, CIF is a place where everyone truly has a good time. You know those days when work gives you a headache, your hectic schedule won’t let up, or you are just in a grouchy mood? These are the times when being at a friendly place with other horse-crazy folks makes everything else OK. I always know my horse is healthy, happy and beautifully cared for. And that my ride will be fun, challenging, and safe. I always sleep well knowing that my horse has the best of care, and my riding sessions are truly a pleasure.

Denize’s commitment to excellence is best displayed in the glowing health of her horses and the camaraderie of her riders. I once overheard a judge at a horse show remark, 'You can always tell when Denize Borges’ horses are in the ring.' What a well deserved compliment!"

Lily Swift, client since 1992

"I have always thought there were three parts to a successful barn experience: riding instruction, horse care, and environment. At Crystal Image Farms, I have found all three. I started riding with Denize as a lesson client back in 1992. Her lesson program gave me a strong base in horsemanship both on and off a horse before my parents moved me to a closer barn for their convenience driving me to and from lessons. 

Needing a change, I returned to Denize’s tutelage in 1998.  Since returning, I have seen continuous progress in my ability and polish as a rider both at home and at shows. Denize’s flexibility allowed me to improve whether it was on lesson horses or through leases when I was in college to helping me learn how to master my current equitation mount as a first time horse owner. In addition to excellent instruction, Denize takes fabulous care of the horses to make sure they’re fit, shiny, and in good health, so I never have to worry about the condition of my own horse if I’m away.

Having been around many barns in the Bay Area and California I can honestly say that the barn environment at CIF is far superior to its counterparts. Everyone from lesson clients to longtime training clients, from kids to adults, interact and support one another, both at home and away at the shows. I have been lucky enough to meet many lifelong friends as well. My experiences have made me a very happy client, and I look forward to many more successful years at Crystal Image Farms."